POTD: Show Stopper

Show Stopper
Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

Some of the snow that kept us from driving very far on the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday. Not that the accumulation was significant at all; they apparently close it at the drop of a hat (or at least the drop of a few flakes). I didn’t come here for warmer weather, although I expected it would be an added benefit. But the high yesterday in Asheville was 48 degrees compared to 70 back in Bozeman. Not complaining really, just commenting.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Show Stopper”

  1. When I opened this up to be larger, I was surprised at the beautiful all over texture the trees make. The colors vary, but the texture – even under the snow – remains pretty much the same. This is a beautiful view. What species of trees are most prevalent?

    1. Some of that texture may be Photoshop artifacts, but sometimes artifacts work in the photo’s favor. I’m no expert on eastern trees, but here’s what one web site says about the colors:

      Dogwood, sourwood and blackgum turn deep red in late September. Tulip-trees and hickories turn bright yellow, sassafras a vivid orange and red maples add their multi-colored brilliance. Finally, various oaks put on a dash of russet and maroon. Evergreen trees include Virginia pine, white pine, hemlock, spruce and fir.

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