POTD: There’ll Be Peace in the Alley for Me

There’ll Be Peace in the Alley for Me
Deer Lodge, Montana

With apologies to Tommy Dorsey.

4 thoughts on “POTD: There’ll Be Peace in the Alley for Me”

  1. sejohnson210@gmail.com

    Perhaps a fan of the 70’s Oldsmobile Cutlass with the old Rocket V8, 4 speed Hearst shifter and posi-track rear end?

    1. You’ve completely lost me on the connection of that vehicle to this image. (And, as an aside, isn’t that what John Dyas used to drive back then?)

  2. That was John’s car. Some models of Oldsmobile had the hood fixture with insignia of a rocket with swept wings. A simple straight line with 2 45 degree lines coming 1/3 from the bottom of the middle line. Usually contained in a rectangular 3″ x 2″ plastic plate.

    1. Connie actually showed me that emblem when she saw your comment. I vaguely remember it (the emblem) and always associated with “old folks” cars, which was the case of Oldsmobile in general in my mind–until I saw (and once got to drive for a moment) John’s car. Nothing fuddy-duddy about it!

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