POTD: A Conglomerate of Wishes

A Conglomerate of Wishes
Death Valley, California

Years ago a friend of ours told us about wish rocks. Kind of like a four-leaf clover, a rock with a band of color running all the way around is a lucky rock that will make a wish come true for you. So over the years we’ve been keeping our eyes out for wish rocks and have amassed a sizeable collection of them. But it was a first in Death Valley when on a canyon hike I came across a big wall of conglomerate rock embedded with any number of wish rocks (at least assuming the bands of color in fact go all the way around the rocks–I obviously wasn’t able to verify that). Although it has a official name, to me that is now Lucky Canyon.

1 thought on “POTD: A Conglomerate of Wishes”

  1. Since you first mentioned these wish rocks I’m always on the lookout for them when I’m on a rocky beach. Am I remembering correctly a picture you posted once of a complete circle you made of connecting wish rocks?

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