POTD: Patriot’s Dream #84

Patriot’s Dream #84
Boulder City, Nevada

My series of images about flags (Patriot’s Dream) has been growing gradually for years. The same can be said of my series on books and reading (Lectio). Since I gather and process images from these two series independently of each other in both time and space, I find it quite a coincidence that #84 of both series (today’s and yesterday’s posts) were taken in the same location (within a block of each other) and at about the same time (some few days apart). Even that they appeared on sequential days on POTD was a coincidence because I didn’t realize they were matched until I started working on this post. I’m not trying to assign any mysterious significance to this occurring, other than to note that the gods of chance work in mysterious ways sometimes, or more formally it’s another small data point in support of the infinite monkey theorem.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Patriot’s Dream #84”

  1. sejohnson210@gmail.com

    Definitely a libertarian rig. Parked next to a fire hydrant in a no parking zone. AZ does not require front plates, the easier to avoid being ID for liberty crushing interference such as traffic violations but NV requires front and rear. One rock flung back from traffic ahead could slow down this grill-free vehicle…

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