POTD: Tombs of the Unknown

Tombs of the Unknown
Amargosa Desert Memorial Cemetery, Nevada

Very few of the tombstones in this cemetery actually had readable names of the interred.

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  1. sejohnson210@gmail.com

    Is this cemetery associated with the Hoover Dam construction? Roughly 100 souls died in the effort. One verse in the Kristofferson/Highwaymen song “Highwayman” sings of one falling from the construction into the wild Colorado river…

    1. No the Amargosa Cemetery is located at Death Valley Junction, just outside the park in California. Plenty of local cemeteries to bury folks in around Hoover Dam without going that far away. As far as the 100 +/- folks who died building the dam, we learned that, contrary to some sources, no one is actually buried in the concrete of the dam itself. The concrete was poured in such thin layers that you’d have to lay face down in it to die from it.

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