POTD: Saguaro de los Muertos

Saguaro de los Muertos
Ajo, Arizona

I was out riding my bike on old desert mining trails when I came across this ominous looking saguaro at a trail crossroads.


Day of the Dead Parade
Mexico City
Victor Cruz/AFP/Getty Images




4 thoughts on “POTD: Saguaro de los Muertos”

    1. Some of those trails I was riding were quite rugged, with drop offs, cacti one could fall into (I’ve done that once–didn’t like it), etc, so something reminiscent of a skull came across as rather ominous to me

      1. We have people here who sometimes run into deer on their bikes – I have never heard of running into a cactus but, of course, that makes sense!

        1. To be clear (not that it really matters) I didn’t actually run into a cactus, I fell off my bike and then rolled downhill into it. Years ago my brother had an encounter with a deer when he was out riding his bike. He didn’t run into the deer, the deer ran across the road and broadsided him, knocking him into the ditch. Not only did he break his collarbone, he rolled through some poison ivy which he is very allergic to. The deer was apparently unharmed.

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