POTD: Contemplating the Spacetime Fabric

Contemplating the Spacetime Fabric
Bozeman, Montana

I’ve read enough books and articles about the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, including what is sometimes referred to as the fabric of spacetime, to be totally confused. But as I recall, some theories state that gravity is a bending of spacetime and that they often illustrate the concept by imagining spacetime as a fabric grid and then illustrating how large objects (planets, stars etc.) cause that fabric to distort. Like I said the main thing I’ve gleaned from all this is pretty much total confusion on my part (and I’m not alone, e.g. see here and here). But I’ve remembered enough of it that I thought of it when I saw a faint blue grid on an empty bulletin/blackboard combination at our local art center. So I had to photograph it. What does the magpie have to do with the fabric of spacetime? I’m not sure, I haven’t quite fleshed out my theory on the magpie-spacetime continuum yet. But I’m sure the result will be earth shattering.

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