POTD: Seeing Things–The Acolyte

Seeing Things–The Acolyte
San Rafael Swell, Utah

It seems that, especially recently, I post images of creatures or people I see in rocks, trees, whatever. It’s kind of like seeing shapes in in clouds I guess. Anyway, as a result, I’ve decided to create a named series of images appropriately titled Seeing Things.

The wall of this cave or alcove we were in contained a long band of highly stained rock in which the Fashion Queen claimed she could see images from the Stations of the Cross. I couldn’t see them but then she’s the one who was raised Catholic, not me. I could however make out this dark-hooded, robed figure holding what I imagined to be a long-handled candle lighter. Perhaps I saw that because a young kid in the far past I participated in lighting candles in the Presbyterian Church my folks took us to. In my case though the robes I wore were white and not hooded, but close enough. Either that or its a kid wearing a hooding holding a fishing rod.

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