POTD: Continental Drift

Continental Drift
Devil’s Canyon, Wyoming

If you’ve seen Aaron Siskind’s photographs, you’ll perhaps understand why this screen cover in the amphitheater at the Devil’s Canyon campground seemed strangely familiar to me.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Continental Drift”

  1. sejohnson210@gmail.com

    Siskind’s early work in Jerome AZ predates us. Watching paint dry since 1949 wouldn’t be a motto for most artists…

    1. Yes, much of Siskind’s work predates us, even though he was active late in his life in my early days of photography. In addition to photographing dried paint (which neither he or I actually watched dry). he also liked to photograph tar on asphalt, something I also enjoy doing. It was a bit of a letdown when I walked into the Phillips gallery in Washington, D.C. in about 2005 and saw huge prints of his tar on asphalt photos displayed on the wall because I had been doing them without knowing of his work. At the same time as feeling letdown that I wasn’t as original as I thought I was, it was also an affirmation of sorts that what I was doing was, if not original, somehow a valid pursuit.

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