September 2023

POTD: Hare Watch

Hare Watch
Bozeman, Montana

As long as I’m posting photos of cute critters, I though I might as well post this one too. Rabbit populations cycle periodically, with a high occurring every 10 years or so I believe I read somewhere. We certainly see their numbers cycle at our house and other places in our area as well. Right now we have quite a few at both our cabin and at our house in town. Like the birds and chipmunks, these rabbits don’t seem to fear our presence much at all either. They will sit there seemingly unconcerned, but with an eye on your movements. If you get within two or three feet of them, they will casually move off a ways.

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POTD: Fearless #2

Fearless #2
Bozeman, Montana

A few days ago I posted a photo of a chickadee, commenting on how they were not intimidated by me standing right next to the bird feeder as they flew in to grab a sunflower seed or two. This also applies to the many, many chipmunks who come around to pick up what seeds the birds kick out of the feeder onto the ground.  They also occasionally find a way to climb up to the feeder itself to stuff their cheeks, something which I strongly discourage them from doing, to little effect.

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POTD: Quick Catch

Quick Catch
Bozeman, Montana

Some birds essentially camp out at our bird feeder, getting their fill of sunflower seeds before moving on. But not the red-breasted nuthatches. They fly in, quickly grab a single seed and fly off.

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POTD: The Rice Farmer

The Rice Farmer
Bozeman, Montana

The Fashion Queen is not a farmer and she’s not harvesting rice, just removing unwanted grass growing in our pond. But she did remind me of the many photos you see of Asian rice farmers such as this one:

Rice Farmer Vietnam
Author Unknown
Source: here

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POTD: Waiting For Water

Waiting for Water
Bozeman, Montana

Prior to them getting electricity and piped in water at my grandparent’s farm when I was a kid, I remember getting water in a bucket from a pump like this to carry into the house for use. That task seemed much more utilitarian than this quaint photo might suggest. So did the trips to the outhouse in the dark on a cold morning.

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