POTD: Ferns and Co.

Ferns and Co.
Cape Perpetua, Oregon


4 thoughts on “POTD: Ferns and Co.”

    1. Thanks Kathy, that’s no faint praise comparing it favorably with Adams’ fern photo. I had seen his photo before but wasn’t thinking about it (consciously anyway) when shooting or processing the image. At the risk of being accused of hubris, I have to say I actually like the composition in my photo better than that in Adams’ photo. Who knows what I’d think though if I printed mine and laid it side-by-side with Adams’ print–he was certainly no slouch when it came to composition, but his printing skills were of course legendary.

  1. To be fair, I believe Ansel’s fern was shot with a 4×5 and yours with a hand-held “small format” camera. The size of the camera can have an effect on what composition choices the photographer is free to make. I like both! 🙂

    1. You’re probably right about Ansel’s choice of equipment, and definitely right about mine. I was using my RX100m6, which is more and more becoming my go-to camera; my larger Fujifilm camera tends to be reserved more for special occassions.

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