POTD: Purple Moon

Purple Moon
Bozeman, Montana

I was set up to take photos of the full moon rising, but this was all we saw of the full moon that night. It was very much upstaged by another sunset storm with amazing and unusual colors. (Again, I tried to make the photo look as much like what I saw as I could.)

6 thoughts on “POTD: Purple Moon”

    1. Thanks Kathy. For the record, that was a photo of last months full moon, not last night’s supermoon. I just happened to get around to posting the shot today.

  1. Stephen E Johnson

    I agree, beautiful. I was somewhat confused by your commentary in Dangerous Promise #2 but your explanation of tweaking it to what YOU could see makes perfect sense. That seems to happen all the time with my photos.

    1. If you’re using a cell phone to capture images, it’s pretty much guaranteed the colors will be enhanced beyond what you generally perceive. Not only that, but photos of people will make them look younger etc.! That’s just what they’re designed to do. My phone though seems to have the opposite problem when photographing sunsets using it’s default settings. Everything seems to be washed out unless I tweak it using some of the manual adjustments. Using my “real” camera though, I get closer to what I’m seeing but tweaking is often still required.

      The camera used aside, another problem is that there will be differences in what you see for a particular photograph depending on what device you’re using and even what software on the device you view it in. I can get a photo looking just right in Photoshop but when I output it to use on the web or phone, even before actually sending it to the web or phone, the colors will look way more saturated in some Windows viewing software than others. Then when I upload it to my blog software, it will look different still. And when it’s published on the blog, it will often look noticeably different on my phone screen than on my computer. And who knows what it’s going to look like on the various phone and computer screens other folks look at it on. It all has to do with variations in color management (or lack thereof) of software, as well as screen calibration, file format, color space used, etc. etc. etc. It’s a real crapshoot that’s for sure. I just do what I can to get consistency across my software, screens and devices and hope it looks similar when other folks look at it on their screens. That’s one good reason for posting b&w photos. There can still be variations but nothing compared to what you can get with color images.

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