POTD: Letting Go

Letting Go
Bozeman, Montana

First you buy a pair of rather pricey cowhide leather gloves because they’re tough and durable. But they’re also quite stiff and a bit uncomfortable. You wear them anyway, at least occasionally because, well, they were rather pricey and they are tough and durable. Over time they get more and more broken in and comfortable and, without even realizing it, they become your go-to pair for rough work like moving rocks around. Inevitably a hole appears in the index finger. The rest of the glove still seems in good shape though and you hate to dump them just for one hole because, well, they were rather pricey and they are quite comfortable. So you duck tape the finger and keep moving rocks. Then another hole appears, in the middle finger this time, so you apply more duck tape and keep moving rocks with them because even though the duck tape makes them more stiff and uncomfortable, they were rather pricey. Then, inevitably, a hole appears in the thumb. You’ve been there before and know that duck taping the thumb on a glove is a real act of desperation because it makes the glove so stiff that even lifting rocks becomes too awkward. So you bid a fond photographic farewell to the gloves and move on to the next pair.

Why am I wearing out gloves moving rocks? It has to do with trail work on our property:

8 thoughts on “POTD: Letting Go”

  1. Stephen E Johnson

    You forgot to mention that the duct tape adhesive sticks to the finger exposed to the hole. Kinda a leaves a gray grime for awhile.

    1. As you suggest, that’s only an issue for a while. Generally I’ll quickly get enough dirt falling down into the gloves that it soon covers the stickiness quite well.

    1. It’s funny, I seem to spend more time working on trails than actually walking on them. But that’s o.k., it gives me an excuse to be out in the woods.

  2. This reminds me of the boots my geologist father would not give up despite their clear message of “we’re done!” I remember conversations between my parents and my father’s side sounding a lot like you. They have history; they are comfortable and broken in; they are friends!

    1. I will admit to wearing a pair of work boots that sported a wrapping of duct tape for quite a while years ago when we were building our house. But that was due more to budget considerations rather than emotional attachment. Having favorite hats, shirts, pants or shoes/boots that we’re reluctant to give up are quite common I think. Socks and underwear less often (if at all) beloved though, at least in my own experience!

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