POTD: Such a Strange Flower

Such a Strange Flower
Heceta Head, Oregon

Skunk cabbage, an ignoble name for an unusually lovely plant that reminds me a bit of calla lilies. It’s all in a name though; I can’t imagine Kaathryn Hepburn proclaiming “The skunk cabbages are in bloom again.”

5 thoughts on “POTD: Such a Strange Flower”

  1. We have them all over the Seattle area. I remember one cute first grader in my daughter’s class gave her teacher a bouquet of skunk cabbage on April fools with a sweet smile on her face as if they were roses.

    1. They do have a distinctive odor even outside when they’re concentrated enough. I can imagine how aromatic they’d be in a bouquet on the teacher’s desk.

  2. How big is this skunk cabbage? It seems unusually large compared to the ones I’ve experience. The sense of scale seems off.

    Still, a very strange plant indeed, to have 2 blossoms growing from the same plant.

    1. That tall leaf was 18″-20″ I think. Not an unusual height for them at all, at least in that area where I’d say it ranked in the middle of the size range.

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