POTD: Bare Tree #105

Bare Tree #105
Yachats, Oregon

We visited Yachats for the first time in 2006 and have been back several times since. Every time we go there I end up walking by this tree or root or combination of the two and am always amazed at how little it’s changed since I first saw it. It looks like it should have been washed away in a big storm a long time ago.

Here’s the first photo I took back in 2006:

Yachats, Oregon

Comparing the two images, the wall behind the tree is more eroded and some boulders to the left of the tree have disappeared. The tree itself shows very surprisingly little change and doesn’t seem to have shifted position noticeably. The biggest change evident in the 17 years between the two photos is the position of the photographer. I’ve been debating which of the two photos I like best and have pretty much decided on the old photo from 2006, which I hope doesn’t imply anything about the trend in quality of my work over the years!

4 thoughts on “POTD: Bare Tree #105”

  1. Interesting comparison! Are you able to articulate why you like 2006 more? Does the difference have anything to do with focal length of the lens you used? I notice that the 2006 version has a section of “distant” background that the recent frame does not. Is that part of the appeal?

    I lean toward the 2006 version also, primarily because the driftwood appears larger and more dominant in the frame than the 2023 version.

    1. I think it is in fact the distant background in the upper left of the 2006 image that makes it my preference. I think it gives it more depth and added interest somehow.

  2. Stephen E Johnson

    I agree that I prefer the 2006 model. I think the depth shown in the upper left quadrant adds more interest.

    1. There seems to be a consensus here, not only on which image is preferred but also the reason for that preference! You’d think I’d have learned something in the last 17 years but it appears I may have regressed!

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