POTD: The Whale

The Whale
Yachats, Oregon

This oddly shaped log looked very much like a whale to me, and was about the size of an orca to boot.

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  1. Stephen E Johnson

    You have been publishing your POTD since around 2008? How do you make sure you don’t repeat your titles (other than those like lectura #23 or such) ? A spreadsheet that is auto alphabetized?

    1. Good question, with an easy, practical solution I decided on some time ago, which is to not worry about the issue. I used to worry about duplicate names and would do searches of my past posts to see if the title had been used previously. But eventually I thought, what’s wrong with using the same name more than once? So quit worrying about it. In fact it’s fun sometimes, when I realize I’ve used a name before (WordPress indirectly alerts me to that fact if I happen to look at how it names the actual web link), to search for the previous instances and compare the photos. There are a few non-series titles I’ve use more than twice even, and it’s interesting how varied the subject matter is across the photos for some of the titles.

      By the way, POTD started back in 2003 when the Fashion Queen went to Washington, D.C. for three years on a job. She wanted to see what I was up to back home so I started sending her a photo every day via email. Gradually friends and family and others learned about it and asked to be included on the email list. Eventually I switched to a web-based format. It has gone through various iterations on various web-building software over the years. WordPress is by far the easiest to handle of the bunch I’ve worked with so I’m unlikely to switch again.

        1. I don’t have a whale tail or a beaver tail but I’d put my money on slapping water being preferable to slapping a bunch of rocks on the shore. I’d certainly chose that option myself if I had to do a belly flop somewhere!

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