POTD: Resting Place

Resting Place
Yachats, Oregon

We spent some time on the Oregon coast recently, including Yachats where we’ve been a number of times before. Every time we go there, I enjoy seeing what new interesting hunks of driftwood have accumulated on the rocks. We go infrequently enough that it’s rare to see the same log in two different visits. These two logs seem to have found a nice resting place safely above the tides. Of course it was the tides that placed them there in the first place so sooner or later they will be obliged to move on somewhere else I’m sure.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Resting Place”

    1. Thanks Kathy. There’s something about the driftwood and rocks around Yachats that yields really nice tonality and contrast. It makes photographing there extra fun.

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