POTD: Footlong and Then Some

Footlong and Then Some
Bisbee, Arizona

Meanwhile back in Bisbee….wait! Is that the Wienermobile I see down the street?

3 thoughts on “POTD: Footlong and Then Some”


    No Uncle Larry. It’s Bisbee’s own “Jimmy’s” where everyone meets for their famous hot dogs. I hope you took the time to indulge in Jimmy’s culinary delight. Outdoor dining for your eating pleasure.

    1. Well, I think the Wienermobile supplies Jimmy’s with the goods doesn’t it? We did not eat at Jimmy’s for some reason as we were looking for a place to eat at the time. I think it was because it didn’t look open,although zooming in on the photo shows a guy sitting in the window, so apparently it was. Maybe I didn’t look close enough at the time. I’m sure the decision to go elsewhere had nothing to do with how incredibly full hot dogs are of things one is better off not indulging in for health reasons. The Fashion Queen, for one, is a big fan of Polish sausages and hot dogs in general.


        I eat two Chicago style hotdogs (Nathan’s of course) a year in the summer. I don’t think my gut can take anymore. Bravo – Fashion Queen!

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