POTD: I Am Not the Enemy

I Am Not the Enemy
Bisbee, Arizona

I love the contrast of this very American harsh-looking junk pickup with the trees in the background which, by happenstance, do a good approximation of the feel of a classic Japanese painting such as this one:

4 thoughts on “POTD: I Am Not the Enemy”

  1. Hi Larry, love the photo! Although what percentage of the populace knows who Kerry and Edwards were/are? The paint on the pickup has lasted longer than the fame, or infamy, of Politicians and political enemies. Happily art is potentially somewhat more durable.

    1. Thanks Ed. Well, all the important people know who Kerry and Edwards were/are. 🙂 I would like to think that my art is more durable than a certain ex-president who keeps popping up in the news but somehow I doubt it. The guy is like a bad penny.

  2. I love this image! The way the truck is framed between the trees and the delicate blossoms on the branches. Very striking image. It almost looks like it was “posed”. I was curious just how long ago that Kerry/Edwards were on the ticket – 2004 – for some reason I was thinking it was longer ago although that was 19 years ago! I’m also curious about what the other sticker on the left side of the rear window was.

    1. Thanks Judy! After zooming in on the original photo, that other very weathered sticker is, I believe, a campaign sticker for Terry Goddard, former mayor of Phoenix and Attorney General of Arizona, ran for governor twice and lost both times, and now a member of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District in Maricopa County. Did I know that before? Nah, I googled him. From what I read, he’s one of the good guys, that is he is if you considered the Kerry/Edwards option in 2004 a good choice.

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