POTD: Abe #3

Abe #3
Bisbee, Arizona

If you’re into numerology (I’m not) you might find something interesting in the fact that besides the number 3 on the door, there are three door panels below it and two rows of three windows each above it. Perhaps 3 was Abe’s lucky number, not that it seemed to work out for him in the end: he died on 4/15/1865 and with simple arithmetic you’ll notice that 4+15+1865=1884=628/3, and there’s that 3 again. Surely that means something????? (Besides the fact, of course, that I seem to have nothing better to do right now than to make up significance out of nothing.)

2 thoughts on “POTD: Abe #3”

  1. And there are three hinges on the door! :>) I love door pictures – and windows. I appreciate your analysis of the number 3 related to this image. I also find it interesting that you have found so many “interesting” photo opportunities in Bisbee, AZ.

    1. Oh yes, I didn’t account for the 3 hinges in my “analysis.” thanks for pointing them out! The old town section of Bisbee is a fascinating place, historically, architecturally, geographically (it’s in a narrow, steep sided canyon), but most of all I think because it has come to be a haven for artists and other eccentric folks. As a result there are many unusual photo ops to be had. We spent parts of a couple of days there wandering around. I could easily enjoy doing that again.

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