POTD: Palm Canyon #2

Palm Canyon #2
Kofa Mountains, Arizona

It’s a good thing the palm trees were not too far into Palm Canyon as things got pretty rugged pretty fast in the canyon further up.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Palm Canyon #2”

  1. These are not the kind of mountains I imagine when I think of the desert. In my mind desert mountains are lower and more round…but clearly living in Las Vegas for 9 years did not improve my mental image….the Spring Mountain range to the west is somewhat rugged also.

    1. Well, I’d like to find some of those lower, rounder desert mountains sometime I think. I spend much of the time I’m hiking in this area out of breath from the steep trails and stumbling over sharp, loose rough rocks. Funny, I don’t remember them being this rugged or steep back in the 70s when I lived here.

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