POTD: Cheap Shot

Cheap Shot
Somewhere in Nevada

I wasn’t going to photograph this crass message on this tank but because I had photographed it some years ago, before the correction in red, I felt some need to update it. (Plus, there was also a bit of unexpected encouragement from the Fashion Queen to photograph it.) Anyway, here it is–for the record.

We are finally in Tucson, AZ where we’ll be through February. Our rental did not start until yesterday but we left Bozeman fifteen or so days ago in order to miss the record setting cold and the snow that was bearing down on Montana at the time. We successfully missed the coldest weather, although our first night in the camper it got down to 3 degrees. After that it got successively warmer as we leisurely drove through Nevada, a bit of California, and Arizona on the way here. I’m finally settled in to where I can start posting photos from our various stops on the trip down here.

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