POTD: A Worn Welcome

A Worn Welcome
Bighorn Canyon, Montana

A rickety, weathered gate and a leaf-littered road still seem to offer an comforting invitation to visit the historic Lockhart Ranch. (Yep, yet another punny image title.)

2 thoughts on “POTD: A Worn Welcome”

  1. Stephen E Johnson

    Restored, conserved or just settling in place? Was thinking about the mining town at Independence Pass, CO. Does Montana have the same sort of historic designation for it’s historic sites?

    1. I believe it’s a combination of preservation (not restoration) and “settling into place.” The State of Montana does both preservation and restoration, depending on the resource. The ghost town of Bannack (first territorial capital) that is now a state park is a really good example of strictly preserving, not restoring at all. The Lockhart Ranch is NPS property. I don’t know their philosophy on all that but would guess they too use both restoration and preservation depending on the facility in question, budget constraints etc. For places like Bannack, I personally like the idea of preservation as it makes the place appear more authentic, not made-up. On the other hand I really enjoy places like South Pass City, WY (which has been very much restored) as well.

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