POTD: Too Trusting

Too Trusting
Bozeman, Montana

This fledgling pine siskin (at least I think it’s a pine siskin and a fledgling), and some of it’s siblings have been hanging around below our bird feeder, picking up sunflower seeds that the messy eaters above kick out while eating. These ground feeders are way to focused on eating and not on caring who or what was around. I’ve had to stop the lawn mower for them because they don’t move until I’m almost on them and I have to be careful not to step on them when walking around in that area. I was able to take this picture without a telephoto lens and only minimal cropping of the image because this bird didn’t care that I was down on the ground within a couple feet of it. That they are so careless or fearless might explain the big chunk out of this one’s upper beak.

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