POTD: Get It to Go

Get It to Go
Rawlins, Wyoming

I thought the tag line on this old gas pump was a pretty clever play on words–a very literal meaning of the term getting something to go. Not only are you going to take the gas with you (of course) but also, if you don’t get it, you can’t go! I also though it was interesting to see the big “at” symbol on a gas pump that clearly predates it’s internet ubiquity by multiple decades. It’s been a while since gas pumps only allowed gas prices less than a dollar a gallon and registered total sale amounts under $10. This pump is not longer in use but some similar ones are. We filled up our campervan at the only diesel fuel pump in Zortman, Montana last month. It was a very antiquated pump, not as old as this one but with similar limitations. As a result, neither the price per gallon or the total price were displayed correctly–only the total gallons purchased were (as long as it was less than 100 gallons). Some arithmetic was required to arrive at the cost we had to pay.

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