POTD: The High Point of My Life

The High Point of My Life
Mt. Elbert, Colorado

My childhood friend Steve Johnson (left) and I climbed Mount Elbert (elevation 14,440′) last week. Mount Elbert is the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains, the highest point in the U.S. state of Colorado, and the second-highest summit in the contiguous United States (after Mount Whitney in California). Given I have no plans or desires to ever summit any taller mountain than this, the day marked the literal (but not figurative) high point of my life–not counting of course any height obtained via air transport of some sort.

4 thoughts on “POTD: The High Point of My Life”

  1. Cindy Gentillon

    Wow, Larry! Congratulations!

    I enjoy your images and your steadfast persistence in making something new and special every day.

    1. Thanks Cindy, and it’s good to hear from you and that you’re still enjoying the POTDs. I hope you and Randy are doing well.

  2. Hooray for you! I haven’t done a 14er since I did Elbert at 41 years old, so double yay for you for doing it at a *ahem* much older age!

    And boo for you for not stopping by while in Colorado. 😉

    1. Thanks Carol. It seems you reached the high point in your life (presumably) at an earlier age than I did in mine. I guess there’s something to be said for waiting as it’s all downhill from here I guess. I probably should have planned a swing over your way while in Colorado, but I certainly got my fill of of hoards of Denverites when I made the mistake of showing up in Leadville on a weekend. What a zoo that was. It certainly put our Montana “crowds” into perspective.

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