POTD: Divining Rod

POTD: Divining Rod

Divining Rod
Ft. Peck, Montana

Sometimes the tar patterns on asphalt that I like to photograph are so big I wish I had a ladder to climb on so as to get a shot that is more straight down rather than at an angle. There’s a slight tilt to this image but even that required that I hold my camera up high above my head and try to capture the composition I wanted without being able to see through the viewfinder or on the camera screen. Just another instance where I wish I was a little taller. Or should I say height-challenged?

2 thoughts on “POTD: Divining Rod”

    1. I have no excuse in that regard. We were camping out of our Sprinter when I came across “Diving Rod” on the campground road. But, alas, I didn’t have a ladder strapped on the van anywhere.

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