POTD: So Many Choices, All Good

So Many Choices, All Good
Butler Wash, Utah

Pick any random side canyon in Utah and just start walking. You’re likely to find something interesting in any one of them. And because there are so many choices, few with designated trails, you’re very likely to have the place to yourself. The odds of solitude obviously go down in peak season but even then the occupancy rate is generally tolerable even for solitude-seeking hikers like myself. Pro-tip: parked vehicles seem to attract other parked vehicles so once you’ve picked your destination for the day, park somewhere that’s not an obvious choice for that particular route. Maybe the newcomers will walk the other way.

2 thoughts on “POTD: So Many Choices, All Good”

    1. I was disappointed there was no big cliff dwelling in that amphitheater. It seemed like it would have been a perfect place for one but the Anasazi, who built all over the area, had different ideas about that I guess.

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