POTD: Infused With Light #1

Infused With Light #1
Tumacacori, Arizona

The term “infused with light” is one that is tossed around quite a bit among writers about photography. Much of the time I think it is a term not particularly informative about photographs because isn’t everything we see infused with light to some degree or another? Otherwise how would we see it. But when I looked at the group of photos I took at the San José de Tumacacori Mission Church, my first reaction was wow, these images are really infused with light! Against my usual tendency to promote deep shadows and high contrast in working with my images, I was so impressed with these rather glowing images with open shadows, I chose to buck my usual approach and process them to reflect (no pun intended) that initial feeling I got from them. And so, rather than naming the series after the subject matter itself, I chose to name it after my gut reaction to the photos.

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