POTD: Prairie Union School

Prairie Union School
American Prairie Reserve, Montana

One-room schoolhouses are typically small, but this one takes the cake. The cabin I lived in in Alaska at 384 square feet was larger than this school I think, and it had indoor plumbing to boot!

4 thoughts on “POTD: Prairie Union School”

    1. The area, affected by the ongoing extreme drought, looked very bleak indeed. Perhaps because of the drought effects, in it’s own way it looked bleaker than Death Valley (which is supposed to look that way). Still, if you set your mind right and look hard enough, the area did have some appeal. More on this aspect in later POTDs.

  1. It looks lonely to me, rather than bleak. Imagine living on this prairie in the lat 1800s when it was first being settled. Your only company (other than your family) would likely be the wind.

    1. If you haven’t read Mildred Walker’s books (e.g. Winter Wheat and the Curlew’s Cry) about that part of Montana “back in the day” they are worth the read. They are set in the early 1900s (up to the early 40s in the case of Winter Wheat) rather than the late 1800s but they give a feel for life in that bleak/sparse/lonely country.

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