POTD: Selections From My Windowsill #1

Selections From My Windowsill #1
Bozeman, Montana

On a recent very hot summer day (we’ve been getting a lot of those this year) I retreated to the coolness of my studio and photographed various items that I’ve collected over the years and placed on the windowsills around the room. A lot of the items I collected just because I thought they were interesting but also thinking that perhaps someday I’d use them in a still life photograph or something. I guess that someday has arrived. I did not do any creative arrangement of combined objects, rather I just did mostly individual “portraits.” Most are objects from nature, but I also have some man-made objects as well.

I don’t remember where I acquired these desiccated strawberries or why I thought they were special enough to keep, but they do have some photogenic appeal I think.

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