POTD: Lamb’s Ears

Lamb’s Ears
Bozeman, Montana

Lamb’s ears aren’t native to Montana but sure grow well on our property, even in the hot, dry weather we’ve been having. Or maybe it’s actually because it’s been hot and dry as I read they are
“superb for growing in drought-like conditions” and even love poor soil, which we also have no shortage of in certain areas.

3 thoughts on “POTD: Lamb’s Ears”


    A great “filler” plant just about anywhere. The only negative here (KY) is they “melt” for awhile with the high heat AND humidity but are quick to rebound. Bees love them.

    1. Works pretty well in our weather too and while bees love them, the deer and other destructive critters don’t.


        Yes, another advantage. Deer and rabbits were riding rough-shod over the plant beds in Goshen the last 3 years there but never touched the lamb’s ears.

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