POTD: Little Landscapes #45

Little Landscapes #45
Bozeman, Montana

Another landscape from the inside of a mussel shell.

I see a major storm front over the ocean on a moonlit night sweeping along the edge of a beach, rapidly obscuring a starry sky with a hint of the Milky Way in the background. To get the image, I did not alter the look of the shell itself much at all, I just filled in around it to make the image rectangular. Here is the unadulterated shell:

6 thoughts on “POTD: Little Landscapes #45”

  1. I love your eye for detail …. and imagination. Didn’t guess that was a small mussel shell at all.

    1. Well, this was a saltwater mussel. But there are freshwater mussels as well. I have no idea to what abundance they can be found on the Musselshell River or what kind of miniature landscapes their shells might off. A field trip might be in order!

    2. Update per visitmt.com: . . .the Musselshell River, named by Lewis and Clark for the freshwater mussels lining the riverbank. 

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