POTD: Super Flower Blood Moon

Super Flower Blood Moon
Bozeman, Montana

Since I got up early, early morning to see the eclipse yesterday, I figured I might as well take a photo of it. (Besides, how could I miss the opportunity to title a post Super Flower Blood Moon, what a name!)

I wasn’t even sure I would be able to see the eclipse because the clouds had been streaming through our area for several days and it was often totally overcast. But as luck would have it there were just broken clouds moving fast across the moon during most of the eclipse. It made for some moody, if not particularly sharp, photos. (That I was shooting handheld with relatively long exposure times also had something to do with the lack of sharpness I suspect.) Also as luck would have it though, just as the eclipse was about to reach totality, a huge bank of clouds passed in front of it, obscuring the view for the rest of the event.

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    We were coming out of a ballgame and the moon was big and reddish looking then clouds moved in which made it look eerie for awhile.

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