POTD: The Unfruited Plain

The Unfruited Plain
Death Valley National Park, California

There are few prospects for successful plant growth in the flat expanse between these ridges, but it does make for a starkly beautiful view.

2 thoughts on “POTD: The Unfruited Plain”

  1. Stephen+Johnson

    I was on a fire once where the rancher permittee had to escort us across his land to the forest beyond where the fire was located. It was in rolling shrub lands dotted with ponderosa pine rising up to the steep flank of a pine covered mountain. I commented on how pretty the ranch setting was. He responded with “Ya can’t eat purty”.

    1. I’ve heard various forms of that expression over the years. Certainly you can’t eat purty, but you can monetize it should you have a mind to, as the many dude ranches etc. in the West attest to. Of course tourists are arguably harder to wrangle than cows, but you have to do what it takes to survive, right?

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