POTD: I Get Around

I Get Around
Bozeman, Montana

I found this skull in a pasture on a friend’s farm in western Kansas back in the early 70s and have kept it ever since. It made the move with me to Arizona, then to Alaska, finally settling here in Montana for the last 38 years. Like me, I doubt it will move again. That suits the house finches who nest inside it every year just fine. I’d like to find it a companion (besides the finches) for it in the form of a buffalo skull but so far have not visited the right pasture for that kind of find.

4 thoughts on “POTD: I Get Around”

  1. Molly Purrington

    Please elaborate on the birds who nest in this! I had a bat once who slept in my wind chime but I have never heard of this. Of course, now that I see your shed, I can see the temptation, but I felt like you just threw in that comment about the birds and I, for one, would love to hear more!

    1. Not a huge story about the birds. It’s just that every spring a house wren decides to make a nest inside the skull. If I sit in one of the chairs on the porch during nesting season they tend to get kind of excited about it so I try and avoid that time. The only thing I find surprising about it is how they get into the skull. The skull is hung by the small opening where the spine attached. That hole is hooked over a large nail in the wall, so creates a very small clear space to enter. Yet the wrens seem to manage just fine. I know they are small but that they get through that opening is really impressive. It does not take much space for them to nest in either I guess. I’m always finding wren nests in the oddest places you would not think they could fit. One year a wren or two tried to nest in some of the nooks and crannies in the framework for the loader on my tractor. I’d see a nest being built and would tear it out but the next day it would be under construction again. I finally had to stuff rags in all those spots so they would go elsewhere to nest. It was either that or let the tractor sit until nesting season was over!

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