POTD: Douglas’ Wild Hyacinth #2

Douglas’ Wild Hyacinth #2
Bozeman, Montana

We are lucky to have a plethora of wildflowers bloom on our land annually. Every so many years I go on a kick of photographing them and it seems this is one of those years. So expect to see quite a lot of wildflower photos through the rest of the summer I imagine.

Looking back, it turns out I posted an image quite similar to this one nine years ago. (The last time I was on a flower photo kick?) This one differs in that it was photographed during one of our rather common June snowstorms. It was warm enough that at first the snow melted as soon as it hit anything, but it got progressively cooler. I photographed flowers that day until the heavy wet snow got so thick that it weighed down the flowers and soaked me to the point I was ready to retreat inside.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Douglas’ Wild Hyacinth #2”

  1. I did not know there were native wild hyacinths. Some grape hyacinths “voluntarily” bloom in my backyard along with some tulips each spring. I look forward to seeing them and taking pictures. 🙂

    1. Kathy, I’m not an expert on hyacinths (or flowers in general for that matter), but having seen grape hyacinths, I was surprised to see this flower also classified as one. They do not seem to have much in common visually.

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