Two Publications

Distinctly Montana magazine published a portfolio of my composite photos in their Spring issue. Another composite image is now in their Summer issue. This image is called Yellowstone Dystopia and they use it in conjunction with an article on the future of Yellowstone National Park looking out 30 years. A good match for the image I think, although I certainly hope that is not what Yellowstone looks like then!


Speaking of Yellowstone, a photo of burnt trees from Bunsen Peak near Mammoth Hot Springs that I took some years back was used by The Sun magazine in their current issue. The image accompanies an article about the aftermath of fire in California rather than Yellowstone but it’s still an appropriate illustration.




2 thoughts on “Two Publications”

  1. Good deal. (It’s an old saying that boomers used to use when they were teens, I’m told). I believe it translates to something close to “awesome” in today’s parlance.

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