POTD: Social Media #25

Social Media #25
El Morro National Monument, New Mexico

This inscription, in Spanish, translates as:

“On the 25th day of the month of June of this year 1709, Ramón Garcia Jurado passed through here on the way to Zuni.”

Ramón Garcia Jurado was a Spanish settler in New Mexico. The Spanish ran a long costly fight with Navajo over these new settlements. It is likely that Jurado was on a campaign the Navajo when he carved this inscription.

It is interesting that the Puebloan Indians of the area (e.g. the folks at Zuni) were to a degree much more welcoming of the Spanish than were the Navajo. This is because the Spanish took some of the brunt of the treatment that the Navajo had previously lavished entirely on the Puebloans; i.e. it was an “enemy of my enemy” kind of relationship.

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