POTD: Underfoot #17

Underfoot #17
Missoula, Montana


3 thoughts on “POTD: Underfoot #17”

  1. I find this one particularly appealing….it’s the dots…and the fact that they don’t make a complete shape.

    Hope you don’t run into many people while you’re shooting with your head down! 😉

    1. Thanks Kathy. The biggest safety issue in regard to this kind of photography is when I see something in the middle of a busy street I want to photograph. I was in downtown Denver for an art show a few years ago and saw something when I was crossing a very busy four lane thoroughfare that I wanted to photograph. I could photograph safely from the crosswalk while the walk signal was in my favor but the street was so wide I only had a few spare seconds to photograph while crossing with the light, otherwise I would get stuck in the middle of the street when the light changed. I had to make several passes, adjusting my camera a bit each time, before I got a satisfactory image. Of course the other thing I struggle with is trying not to think about how odd I look standing around photographing “nothing” at my feet on sidewalks, streets, etc. I have to practice abandoning self-consciousness in such situations and just do it!

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