POTD: Dyslexic Conspiracy Theories

Dyslexic Conspiracy Theories
New York, New York

7 thoughts on “POTD: Dyslexic Conspiracy Theories”

    1. I had the same thought that it might have been just a statement by someone who writes dates with the day first, and expected such comments. The truth of that explanation is especially likely given the large number of people from other countries living in or frequenting NYC. (However, given that “nine eleven” seems to have taken on a meaning independent of the date it represents, I have to wonder how Europeans generally refer to the event.) In the end, I simply went with the dyslexic title because it’s much more interesting and reflects my first reaction to seeing the sticker on the pole.

    1. Oh yeah, how could I forgot about that little November event. But, seems to me the evidence suggest that rather than an inside job, it was a Russian one–with local help of course. (I wondered why you surfaced with that id, thought maybe desperate times had lead to a resurrection.)

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