POTD: 36th Street

36th St.
New York, New York

I’m really getting around this last couple of weeks. After ten days on my Nevada and California trip, I was home for another ten days and now am in New York City for a week with the Fashion Queen.

Given my companion, is it just a coincidence that we are one block from the Garment District? Actually it is indeed just a coincidence, just like it’s just a coincidence we’re only two blocks from B&H Photo Video, my go-to camera store.

This is the view from our hotel room. When I found out our room was on the 15th floor of our hotel, I was thinking we might have a decent long range view–and then I remembered where we were. Silly me. A fifteen story building in Bozeman, if we had one, would be the tallest building for 150 miles. But in New York City, especially when only a couple of blocks from the Empire State Building, it probably barely makes low-rise status.

I’ll have more photos from my California trip to post later, but since I’m in the city, I think I’ll go with city shots for the duration.

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