POTD: The Loneliest Tag

The Loneliest Tag
U.S. 50, Nevada

At first glance I thought this graffiti said “tank” rather than “tag.” But then I remembered tag is a slang term for graffiti (although usually in reference to someone signing their name). The full message is a take-off of the advertising gimmick in which U.S. 50 has for some years been billed as “The Loneliest Highway in America.” I don’t think it qualifies for that moniker anymore as it seemed a lot busier than some other highways I drove on during this trip. It was certainly much busier than when I last drove it some 10-15 years ago. At any rate, this graffiti may in fact be in the running for the loneliest tag in America as it was in fact the only graffiti of note that I remember seeing in driving some 250 miles on U.S. 50 from Ely to Fallon, NV.

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