POTD: Bodie Wannabe

Bodie Wannabe
California State Highway 270


On my way down U.S. Highway 395 headed to the Alabama Hills, I decided on a whim to make a detour to see the ghost town of Bodie which is very popular among photographers because of its vintage buildings and contents kept in a picturesque state of arrested decay. Alas that whim was dashed by a gate a quarter-mile down the way saying the road was closed. Parked on a lot just at the gate was an old mobile home. I turned around there and stopped for a quick look around, wondering if there might be something picturesque about the un-arrested decay of a mobile home. Given the subject matter, I did not expect much success in that regard and it met my expectations. All it had to offer up was this rather interesting pattern of peeling wood veneer on the front door.

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