POTD: Little Bird and the Twins

Little Bird and the Twins
Alabama Hills, California

4 thoughts on “POTD: Little Bird and the Twins”

  1. I like how the clouds seem to be rising from the space between the boulders. And so interesting how that tiny bird can balance that cloud and the slightly smaller rock.

  2. This photo is surreal, er, like it comes from fantasy. I like it. It reminds me of the kind of photographs the New Age record label Windham Hill used to put on their records/CDs – when that kind of acoustical music was popular. Thanks.

    Also, I’m glad to know you’re okay from your fall. It’s a nice $899 photograph.

    1. Thanks Jeffrey. I remember Windham Hill Records, used to listen to William Ackerman a lot. I imagine I still have a cassette tape or two of his buried in the closets of our house somewhere. Since you like the fall photograph, you’ll be happy to know that limited edition prints are available. Guess what the price is? 🙂 (That may seem high but if you’re the first to buy one, it comes with it’s very own trashed lens!)

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