POTD: Snow Standout

Snow Standout
Moser Creek, Montana

Not a stunningly unique winter shot but one that pleases me nonetheless. And the fluffy, white snow that day is a nice contrast to the muck-brown look that appeared around here the last few days due to temps in the 50s. Also a nice move back from yesterday’s blatantly political post. (That was something I felt compelled to do but really isn’t my preferred focus for artistic expression.  I’m generally in the mode of “don’t ask don’t tell” when it comes to politics and people I don’t know these days–it avoids needlessly unpleasant interactions. But sometimes enough is enough! Hopefully those sometimes won’t occur too often.)

4 thoughts on “POTD: Snow Standout”

    1. Allan I’ve been wondering how long it would take California to move past the grateful stage in response to all the rain after the drought and move into “enough is enough.” This weekend ought to push even the holdouts over the edge I imagine.

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