POTD: Laughing Stock

Laughing Stock
Beijing, China

This sculpture, actually titled Laughing Horsehead, was one of a handful of sculptures by Salvador Dali on display at the National Museum of China. It was surprising to find these sculptures there (in the entry hall no less) given the museum is a merger of the former National History Museum and the Central Revolution Museum. Dali would seem to not be particularly relevant to either aspect of Chinese history. In fact this was the only western art we saw there aside from a really interesting exhibit of gifts to China acquired over the years from other countries around the world.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Laughing Stock”

    1. Randy, in a private email one of your relatives had the same reaction. As I told him, if I were going to make a political statement (which I try not to do on the POTD posts) using a horse, that is not the end I would have featured.

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