POTD: Colorful Eaves #2

Colorful Eaves #2
Beijing, China

Note that I’ve even learned how to spell eaves since yesterday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “POTD: Colorful Eaves #2”

  1. I wonder how much these colors might be muted as the result of all the pollution in the air. Or are these buildings regularly cleaned to protect the decorative design? Of course you probably don’t know unless you witnessed people cleaning them….;-)

    1. Most of the colors were quite bright, at least on buildings that weren’t obviously in some stage of neglect. I saw no one cleaning, or painting, any of these buildings while I was there. Even without any added effects of air pollution, you’d think the shear number of buildings like this and the usual need to repaint every x-years (depending on climate) would result in a rather large army of painters working full time!

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