POTD: Workingman’s Blues

Workingman’s Blues
Beijing, China


2 thoughts on “POTD: Workingman’s Blues”

  1. If this were in the Soviet Union or even remained in today’s Russia, I would say it was a statue symbolic of the decay of the “working class” revolt. Since it’s in China, I’m not sure what it’s symbolic of! 😉

    1. Ignoring the cracks, the statue looked typical of those of ocial realist style common in the Soviet Union back in their heyday. We saw a lot of them when we visited Budapest several years ago. They also seem relatively prevalent in China as well, so I imagine the style carried over there as well. As for the cracks, it was unclear to me if it was a newer statue and they were cast there purposely as political commentary or if it was an older, poorly cast statue that was acquired somehow. That this sculpture resides in a neighborhood of Beijing populated by art galleries and studios may be an important clue here.

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