POTD: Empty Nest #6

POTD: Empty Nest #6Empty Nest #6
Bozeman, Montana

I thought I’d try one in this series in monochrome. I believe I like the subtle color images better. This is actually two old robins nests.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Empty Nest #6”

  1. Hmm tough call but I think I agree with the color it is so simple and natural. Even though they are abandoned nests the b&w makes them “look” abandoned.

    1. You are right, they do look more abandoned in the monochrome version. That evokes the most dramatic feeling I think. However, in color they certainly have greater “eye-appeal” in terms of a traditional sense of beauty. I think if I made a whole set of these in color and another in B&W, I might prefer one set one day and the other on another day, depending on my mood.

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